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There is a reason why high performance sports equipment (e.g. racing bikes, tennis rackets, golf clubs) and sports cars are constructed out of the most durable yet light weight materials.


We think your skis should be constructed this way.


By enabling skiers to chose their preferred ski fabrication materials: Titanium, Carbon or Polyamide, each Core ski incorporates the skier’s preferences into its design process, thereby ensuring the skier achieves the right amount of torsion, strength, vibration characteristics and resilience he/she wants from the ski model chosen.  The skier can further select from a choice of coloring options to enhance the custom design experience, and finish with personalization options that make the ski a true “one of a kind” in the world.


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For further information on our ski options, including models, customized colors, fabrications and finishes including personalizations, please contact us by phone at 347-325-1275, or email us.

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